100 Asst Thai Clone Cattleyas in 2″ pots


Asst Thai Clone Cattleyas in 2″ pots- 100 plants packed in a Master Box- Cover Photo is Rlc. Chia Lin ‘New City’

-Gallery photos are similar to , Rlc . Nakornchaisri , Rlc. Amazing Thailand and Rlc. Miss Thailand

Grower’s Choice OR Minimum of 6 per variety for a custom pack-

Price includes Box and FEDEX to US mainland. Price may vary slightly for shipping to Puerto Rico, Guam/Saipan or US Virgin Islands.

Rlc . Madonna Queen
Rlc . Chia Lin ‘New city’
Rlc Shinaphat Diamond
Rlc . Shinaphat on fire ‘#1’ and #’2’
Rlc . Nakornchaisri Delight ‘#5’
Rlc . Nakornchaisri Orange
Rlc . Siam Palette
Rlc . Amazing Bangkok
Rlc . Miss Thailand ‘Panadda’
Rlc . Siam Dragon ‘Golden Wind ‘
Rlc . Siam City #1
Rlc . Siam Passion
Rlc . Magician Red
Rlc . Star Platinum #2
Rlc . Siam Magic #2
Rlc . Hey Song ‘Tian-Mu’

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