Mindi and John

Who We Are...

John & Mindi Clark started growing cut Dendrobium and Oncidium orchids in 1987 on their property in Kalapana. After losing our home to a lava flow from Kilauea Volcano in 1990 (that took out 95% of this historic Hawaiian community) we purchased property 20 miles away in Kurtistown and started a potted orchid farm. The original nursery in Kalapana was slowly converted into potted orchids as well, which gave us 2 different climate zones that enabled us to grow a wide variety of genus. After decades of growth and expansion we decide it was time to downsize and head back to the roots of our original farm. In March 2021 we sold the Kurtistown operation, returned to our roots in Kalapana forty years later and have rebranded our nursery as 808 Orchids Inc.

What we do......

We are producers and hybridizers of potted orchid plants ranging in size from 2", 3" 4" & 5" pots. We will sell both blooming size and plants in spike or bud to our wholesale customers.

We are located in the warm tropical climate of Kalapana located on the SE corner of the Big Island of Hawaii at 200' in elevation. We are blessed with 65-85 degree weather year round with gentle tradewinds that bring good airflow throughout the greenhouses and keep the coconut palms swaying.

We grow standard cane Dendrobiums, Latouria Dendrobiums, Cattleyas, Epidendrums, Grammatophyllums, warm tolerant Oncidiums and a few species.

We have approximately 1 acre in production that houses around 180,000 plants ranging in size from plug trays to blooming sized plants.

We work with a lab in Thailand that grows out our seed pods or clones our select plants into flasks which keep our benches full.

808 Orchids aerial
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